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For the highest quality residential and commercial plumbing and HVAC services, trust Tap-Roots Plumbing & Heating. We serve the White Rock, BC, area and arrive on time, work quickly and thoroughly, and always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

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Water Filtration

Are you sure your drinking water is safe?
Did you know that lead, sediment, pollutants, and microbes could be contaminating the drinking water in your home or office?

Backflow testing is a service we offer that can prevent contamination to your water line. When you eliminate the chemicals and hard minerals from your drinking water, you’ll not only notice a more efficient plumbing system, you’ll also notice improved health. 

Heating Efficiency in White Rock, BC

During heating season, it’s extremely important to keep cold air out of your home—otherwise, it could get uncomfortable and your bills could skyrocket.

Take these steps to ensure that minimal to no cold air gets into your home or office:

  • Make sure fireplace and stove vents are closed when not in use.
  • Replace worn weatherstripping for doors and windows.
  • Close all windows and door properly.
  • Minimize the use of any fans.

Ways Tap-Roots Can Increase Plumbing Efficiency

There are many services and products that can help save White Rock residents money on their energy bills.

  1. We can perform maintenance checks to locate any small leaks or problems and repair them before they get larger. Even the smallest of leaks wastes gallons of water.
  2. We can replace old equipment and fixtures with new ones built for conserving water.
  3. We can also install a tankless water heater, which gives instant hot water with no need for a storage tank.

For plumbing and heating services in White Rock, BC, contact Tap-Roots at 604-222-1282.

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