Vancouver Plumbing Contractors for all Areas of Your Property

Whether you are the owner of your own home or that of a commercial premise, you always need to know of reliable Vancouver plumbing contractors in your area. You never know when disaster might strike. Problems with plumbing can cause huge amounts of disruption to your everyday life or to the work place. Below are just some of the services that you can rely on plumbing contractors in Vancouver for.

Toilet Repairs

Vancouver plumbing contractors

Toilet problems may seem more annoying than serious, but left unattended too they will only get worse. Vancouver plumbing contractors can get to work quickly to fix clogged toilet, leaking toilet, toilets that fail to flush properly, and more. Clogged toilets can cause chaos very quickly, especially when the water continues to rise and ends up spilling out onto the floor. Raw sewage on your carpets is an unpleasant thought, and any toilet that requires regular plunging needs to be seen to. Toilet repairs can include getting rid of obstructions, locating faults further down in the sewer lines, and replacing your old system with one that will save you money on water bills.

An antiquated toilet will use far much more water on each flush than a modern one that allows for different flushing options. Asides this, an old toilet may keep water running for extended periods after each flush. If this is the case, then you have a leak that needs fixing. A corroded overflow pipe or warn flush valve are common culprits. A warn out flapper valve can also cause problems and of course ridiculously high water bills. Modern toilets that can be installed by Vancouver plumbing contractors will use under half the water of a standard toilet each time you flush, and even less when a dual flushing system is in place.

Vancouver Plumbing Contractors for Shower and Tub Drains

Vancouver Plumbing Contractors for Shower and Tub Drains

Licensed Vancouver plumbing contractors can carry out a vast array of different repairs to your shower and tub drains. These include refitting your bathroom entirely, or dealing with problems including slow drains, water pressure, and more. There is nothing more annoying than a tub that refuses to drain, or one that takes forever to fill in the first place. Call on professional Vancouver plumbing contractors to ensure your system is up to date, and in full working order.

Sink Drains

Sink Drains

Your kitchen sink is probably the most likely sink to get blocked in your home. With a combination of waste food, grease, and soap going down the drain every day it is not hard to figure out why. As well as fixing slow draining sinks, Vancouver plumbing contractors can replace sink units, faucets, or individual parts such as water shut-off valves. Over time, it is usual for parts to wear out; most especially in the sink you use the most within your home.

Problems with your kitchen sink can also include your faucet breaking. If this happens, the consequences can be disastrous. In the event that water starts flooding from your faucet, turn of the supply of water at the water shut-off valve under the sink. You will usually find two shut off valves, one for hot and one for cold water. If shutting these off does not fix the problem while you wait for help to arrive, locate and shut off your main water valve.

Vancouver Plumbing Contractors for Clogged Drains


In simple terms, the plumbing in your home is a dual system. Two parallel systems are working at one time. The first is bringing fresh water into your home; the second is getting rid of waste water from your home. Your drains are made up of different fixtures that include the drain lines, the water lines from your toilet, and vent parts. Water will always follow the force of gravity, the final destination of your waste water always being your main sewer line that will be directed to a septic tank of a sewerage facility.

You may have wondered why your drainpipes have a curved section under each fixture. This feature means that an amount of water will always stay in the curved section, preventing sewer gases from coming back up into your home. These fixtures may be annoying when crud and grime get stuck in them, but they prevent foul odors from penetrating into your home.

Vancouver Domestic Plumbing Contractors for Garbage Disposals

Vancouver Domestic Plumbing Contractors for Garbage Disposals

Not all homes, but many homes will have a garbage disposal unit. What many people do not realize however is that a garbage disposal unit is only really designed for small food debris and waste that is washed off the plates before they are put in the dishwasher or the washing sink. Using a garbage disposal to get rid of large food stuffs is bad news.

Your system will quickly get blocked with debris, and with food that will not decompose over time such as bones. Garbage disposal units are a blessing in disguise, but when maltreated, they can cause problems that will need to be fixed by licensed Vancouver plumbing contractors. To keep your garbage disposal from smelling foul, chuck lemon wedges into the unit. These will keep your unit smelling fresh for longer.


Dishwashers are another common source of problems with drains and plumbing, and for the same reason as garbage disposal units. You should always rinse plates properly before putting them in the dishwasher. Another common problem is when you have a clogged sink, the water from your dishwasher having nowhere to drain to. Commercial Vancouver plumbing contractors will make light work of even the toughest dishwasher problem, machines in restaurants commonly getting clogged up with grime and grease and soap scum.

Vancouver Plumbing Contractors for Leak Detection

Vancouver Plumbing Contractors for Leak Detection

Water leaks can go undetected when they are out of sight or underground. Professional plumbers in BC will use the most up to date methods to detect leaks. Cameras can be used for underground detection, and sewer lines and drains can be repaired without the need for digging large trenches in your backyard. You may think that a small water leak is no big deal, but it is costing you hundreds of dollars each year. When water is leaking, you are paying for water that you are not using.

Water leaks can occur behind walls, underground, and anywhere within the intricate network of water supply lines. The only way to be sure that you are not wasting money on your water bills is to call in your Vancouver plumbing experts today. They can advise you on what repairs to carry out, and what to replace in your home. You may think that investing in a new toilet or tub is a big huge expense. But, you will save money in the long run on water bills, and inefficient and antiquated plumbing systems within your home.

The best way to avoid costly repairs to your plumbing is to call in your Vancouver plumbers for regular maintenance and inspections. Maintaining your water boiler and plumbing system should be high on your list of priorities in the same way that you carry out repair work to structural damage to your home. Keeping on top of maintenance and repairs makes sense, and makes for a happier and more eco-friendly and sweet smelling home.

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