Trenchless Services for Water Main Replacement in Metro Vancouver

If you need water main replacement in the Lower Mainland, protect your property and save money by calling the experienced professionals at Point Grey Plumbing and Heating. We can handle water main installations without digging up your property.

Why should you choose trenchless water main repair? Consider the following:

• It’s cheaper than traditional open-cut water line replacements.
• Trenchless activity will not destroy your backyard, driveway or landscaping due to its minimum excavation.
• Eco-friendly with minimal set-up space required.
• Trenchless gets the job done in half the time of traditional techniques.

Symptoms of a Broken Water Line

Sometimes a broken water line or a leak in the water main can go unnoticed during the winter and early spring because the yard is wet or covered with snow. However, once it starts to dry out, watch out for obvious signs of a broken pipe:
• Look for areas of your yard that stay damp and mushy.
• Check your water bill if it’s consistently higher than normal.
• Shut off the water valve inside your home and check the water meter. If it moves at all, then your water main is broken.
• If you have received a high water bill from the municipality we will write a report on the final invoice for you to receive a possible refund on your water usage

Call for your free estimate today just ask for Trevor and he will walk you through the project from beginning to end.

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