Top Tips From Your Best Plumbers Vancouver For Water Leaks

No home is complete without a fully working hot and cold water system. Without water you cannot flush the toilet, take a shower, wash your clothes, or boil a pot of water for your dinner. When disaster strikes, you will need to know what to do in a hurry. Flooding can cause severe damage to your home, and the damage will not just be superficial. Below are some tips from your best plumbers Vancouver on how to cope when disaster strikes.

Knowing the Location of your water shut off valve

Whether you rent or own your home, you need to know where to find the main water supply valve to turn the water off. When a pipe starts to drip, or water comes flooding from a burst pipe, you cannot waste time. If you rent a property, always ensure that you check with the landlord. Although your water shut off valve will usually be easy to find, sometimes it may not be as obvious. Your mains water shut off valve may be located outside, in the cellar, or in a cupboard. If your water shut off valve is located on the outside of your property, you may need a key to access the cupboard. If this is the case, ensure your landlord supplies you with a key, and that you remember where you keep the key.

Turn off your water main valve Immediately


Whether you notice a small drip, or a larger leak, always turn off your water main valve immediately. Do not worry about your washing machine being mid cycle. Simply turn off your washer and drain it manually if necessary. Once you have turned off your main water valve, call your professional plumbers in Vancouver right away. A water leak will never mend itself, and soggy floor boards can rot in no time, causing structural damage to your home.

Always Have the Number of your Best Plumbers Vancouver in Hand

When you need a plumber Vancouver in a hurry, you cannot waste time. You need to have the phone number of plumbers in Vancouver in hand, and a company that you can rely on. You can keep the phone number on a piece of paper attached to the fridge, in your cell phone, or anywhere that you will remember with ease. You could write the phone number of your local plumbing team on the water meter itself, therefore saving time by calling the number as soon as you go to turn your water off.

Vancouver Plumbers: Choose a Professional Team

Professional Team

As tempting as it may be to try and fix the leak yourself, you should never interfere with your water supply yourself. One false move and you could flood your own home. Once you have turned off the main water valve, you can place a bucket under the leak, or wrap a cloth around the pipe that is dripping. Once you have stopped any immediate danger, leave the rest to the experts. If the water is dripping near electrical outlets or an electrical supply, also turn off your main breaker at your electrical panel until your professional plumbing team arrives.

Don’t enlist the help of a friend who claims to be a plumber. Use a professional team who are registered, qualified, and who have an unblemished record in plumbing. When choosing a professional plumber, ensure that he will work with your chosen home insurance company. When the responsibility for the damage is not your own, you can claim on your insurance, and this will include the fee that you pay to the plumber who comes to your property.

Emergency Call out to your Best Plumbers Vancouver

Plumbers Vancouver BC

Plumbers should be available to work when you need them. There is no point in having the phone number of a professional who will not visit your property on the weekend or in the evening. Emergency calls should be standard as part of the service. Ensure that surcharges for after hours visits are not charged at an extortionate rate. When you need your plumbing seen to, you cannot afford to wait for days or even hours.

These are just some tips from your local plumbers in the Vancouver area. It cannot be stressed enough that you cannot ignore a dripping pipe or a water leak. In the same way that you would call an electrician if one of your electrical outlets burned out or was sparking, you need to act quickly when it comes to water in your home.

Failure to attend to problems with your water leak can result in your home insurance being void. When your home floods you will need to call in your flood specialists to dry out your home. Once again, if you act quickly and use a professional team, the disruption will be minimal and the costs may be covered by your home insurance.

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