Leak Detection Burnaby

Leak Detection Burnaby

Different Systems for Leak Detection in Burnaby

Locating a leak is not easy because it is not visible to our naked eyes. However, there are multiple leak detection techniques that have been developed over the years. These techniques can even identify leaks without breaking grounds, roofs or walls, thus minimizing the damage to the property.

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Types of Leak Detection

There are various techniques and systems used to detect leaks. The internally based system uses field instruments such as fluid temperature, pressure, and flow in monitoring possible leaks. An internally based leak detection system is more cost efficient and has been an existing field instrument.

The following are different types of leak detection systems that are used as a standard safety requirement.

Pressure or Flow Monitoring - If a leak is present, there will be a change in the pipeline’s hydraulics. This change will alter flow or pressure readings. Monitoring the pressure flow closely will provide simple and easy leak detection. However, this type of system is only reliable on a condition where the flow or pressure is constantly steady.

Acoustic Pressure Waves - This method can analyze wave pressure such as the rarefaction waves that appear once a leak is present. If a pipeline is broken and gas or fluid escapes, a high-velocity jet occurs and negative pressure waves are produced. These occurrences are easily detected and analyzed for further actions.

State-Observer -Based Methods - This method is based on a fluid mathematical model that is a representation of a state-space. There is two classification for this method, finite dimensional observers and infinite-dimensional observers. FDO is designed using a lump version of continuity equations and momentum, while the IDO is based on quasi-linear differential equations. A few types of observers were used to detect leaks such as sliding mode observers, high gain observers, Luenberger-type observers, and many more.

External Based Leak Detection

Locating leak outside the pipe are more accurate and sensitive but it costs more and requires complex installation.

Thermal Leak Detector - this type of leak detection done above the ground uses infrared sensors. This is a growing and frequently used leak detection system as it generates alerts if there are unusual liquid or gas emissions off the ground. It can detect leakage and trigger an alarm in less than 30 seconds. This type of method is suitable for pump stations, storage sites, refineries, mines, water crossings, chemical plants, and water treatment plants.

Another method is the digital sense cables, it is a set of internal conductors that uses electric signals to detect a leak.

The most commonly used method is the infrared thermographic pipeline testing, it is considered to be the most efficient and accurate in locating and detecting leaks above the ground. The fluid that leaks through the pipeline form a fume and the fluid formed is different from the soil making it easy to detect.

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Leak Detection Burnaby
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Leak Detection Burnaby Leak Detection Burnaby Leak Detection Burnaby Leak Detection Burnaby

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