Furnace Service South Surrey

Furnace Service South Surrey
Do you require prompt furnace service in the South Surrey area? Call TapRoots at 604-263-7676 for reliable diagnosis and repair of your furnace problems. At the first sign that your furnace is not performing up to par or is exhibiting problems, call the experts who can handle the problem.
TapRoots provides reliable furnace service to the South Surrey region as well as the greater Vancouver area. They can also work on boilers that are broken down or not performing up to par. Mose heating systems using radiant heat are fueled by a boiler. For efficient operation of home heating systems, boilers are an excellent choice. For home heating however, a furnace is generally a less expensive way to go and can provide cooling as well. TapRoots is your furnace and boiler specialist and can handle any and all repair and installation needs.
If your furnace cannot be serviced or repaired, TapRoots will be happy to discuss your replacement options with you and help you select a new furnace that will meet the needs of your home and family in the best way. Providing annual maintenance to your furnace will go far in assuring that it’s ready to meet the high demands of another winter season and keep you comfortable.
The pros from Taproots specialize in residential and commercial boiler services and guarantee their labor and products. They’re happy to provide free estimates and help you with maintenance tips to increase the longevity of your boiler. If you’re having any problems with the function of your boiler, feel free to call any time of the day or night for service. Troubleshooting your boiler is as easy as checking the following:
- The boiler may not have power going to it
- The thermostat may not be functioning properly
- The water level may be low
- The pilot light may have gone out
If you’ve checked into these and are still experiencing problems, call 604-263-7676 and a tech will be right out. To troubleshoot your furnace to determine whether or not you need service in your South Surrey home, check for the following:
- Has the pilot light gone out?
- Is the thermostat turned too low?
- Has your furnace blown a fuse?
- Is the control valve closed?
If you are unable to determine the issue, call TapRoots right away. They’re available at all hours of the day or night for the convenience of their customers and can provide middle of the night service and weekend and holiday repair. If your furnace has outlived its lifespan, TapRoots can recommend a new model that is just right for your family’s needs. They provide top quality brand name furnaces and can provide you with a complete installation or replacement service.
Don’t take chances when it comes to the comfort level of your family. At the first sign that something is not right with your furnace, call for service in South Surrey from TapRoots at 604-263-7676. You’ll find TapRoots to be professional, reliable and affordable.
Furnace Service South Surrey
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Furnace Service South Surrey Furnace Service South Surrey Furnace Service South Surrey Furnace Service South Surrey

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