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Plumbing Repair Surrey

March 17, 2021

Plumbing Surrey

The large and sprawling city of Surrey has experienced a massive level of growth since the year 2000, going from 350,000 to over 500,000 people. With so much new construction going on throughout the year, professional plumbing contractors are as busy as ever and sometimes calling on temp workers and new apprentices to fill the staffing requirements is a necessity. Our team of experienced and professional plumbers are available for on-call work to take care of your residential plumbing or commercial plumbing issues. Even when all the building codes are followed and top-tier products are used, accidents can happen. The outcalls that we get range from messy inconveniences to downright disgusting disasters, but we get the job done no matter what. Our emergency repair plumbers have a fully equipped van of parts and tools to tackle almost any problem. In the odd event that you have specialized fittings in your home or the need for other custom parts, your plumber will ensure the work area is safe and clear of obstructions before leaving to acquire the right parts.   Newer Surrey homes can still experience toilet clogs, drain blockages, and dropping faucets which can often be resolved in well under an hour when you have the right tools and know what to look for. Sometimes a slow draining sink can be a symptom of a larger systemic problem, but our plumbing repair professionals will always look for the most efficient and affordable solution. Partly clogged bathroom drains or a toilet that constantly runs can be more of a nuisance than a direct threat to your home. On the flip-side, a burst water pipe or hot water tank can be a real emergency that needs to be tended to quickly in order to minimize damage to the flooring, drywall, or framing of your house. If you experience any one of these unfortunate events in your home (or place of business), be sure to get a hold of Point Grey Plumbing & Heating Ltd. plumbing repairs right away. Water always follows the path of least resistance, so we suggest you take the same course and call for help rather than attempting the difficult task of diagnosing the problem yourself.   We are also available to provide quotes for simple upgrades such as installing a new bathtub or pedestal faucet if a bathroom renovation is on your current task list. Putting in a toilet yourself can be done, but to ensure the long-term functionality and freedom from future problems it is best to hire a professional and have the job done 100% right. Not to mention, if you do have a leak down the road and your home insurance company finds out the work was not done by a certified plumber, they may void your claim and leave you with a large renovation bill to cover on your own. Don’t be shy about calling in the pros at Tap-Roots. We are here to help, every time.  

24 Hour Plumbing

If you are woken in the middle of the night by a slow drip of water falling on your head from the ceiling above, odds are you are not going to wait until morning to resolve the problem. Human nature may lead you to try and resolve the problem yourself, but this can lead to frustration, injury, or even further damage to your home that could all be avoided by quickly searching the emergency plumbing repair options close to you in the Surrey area. To save you the stress and hassle of fumbling through the internet, it may be a wise move to just put the Tap-Roots plumber’s phone number in your contacts list as ‘24/7 plumbing repair”, that way it will show up at the very top of your list for simplicity.   Even if your plumbing problem doesn’t seem like an urgent emergency, you are going to want to take care of it as soon as possible. Something like a drop in water pressure in your home can be a sign of a deeper issue. Even if you don’t think it requires immediate attention, you should call in a plumbing repair agent to have a look within a 24 hour period. Getting a Tap-Roots plumber in Surrey is a sure-fire way to get an honest and accurate quote with no strings attached. We have enough qualified plumbers on our roster to be able to send someone the moment that disaster strikes. Whether the repairs needed are for your own home or your rental property, we will treat you like family and take care of the problem-at-hand swiftly. To help save time when your plumber arrives on site, you should be aware of where the main water shut-off is to the home and clear any furniture or decor that could be in the way.  

Plumbing and Heating Surrey

Tap-Roots deals in plumbing repairs, but also any issues arising with your homes heating or cooling systems. This includes the installation of any new systems or the annual maintenance of your existing heating and cooling system. Regular duct cleaning is an important cost to budget into your household maintenance expenses. this doesn’t necessarily need to be done every single year, but around every 3 - 5 years is recommended to remove the buildup of mold spores or other potential allergens and pollutants. If you have just purchased an older home in the Surrey area, you will want to have this service completed straight away since you will often not have any idea when it was last done. The prior homeowner could have had cats or dogs, leaving hair and dander throughout the homes venting system, for example. For the minimal cost, this will buy you peace of mind that you and your family members will be breathing in fresh clean filtered air without any risk of harm to your respiratory system.   If your cooling system is not properly cooling, or your heat pump is not switching on automatically, it may require an assessment from a certified heating installation technician. You can take advantage of some province-wide government rebates on high-efficiency heating and cooling system upgrades to your home. Currently FortisBC offers rebates of $1600-2000 for select high efficiency furnaces and $1200-4000 in rebates towards the purchase of a new high-efficiency heat pump. In certain regions, there are even $50 maintenance credits available to put towards the professional servicing of your existing energy-star heat pump. Whether your building uses an electric heat pump, natural gas furnace, or old school oil-based heating system, the amazing team at Tap-Roots Surrey can help you get the most efficient new system running in your space.  

Plumbers in Surrey BC

A simple internet search for ‘Surrey Plumbing’ or ‘plumbing Surrey BC’ will likely turn up dozens upon dozens of results to filter through. Some people choose to jump straight to the comments and reviews in order to narrow down their options, and Tap-Roots doesn’t disappoint in this area. We have lots of 4 and 5 star reviews from our customers in Cloverdale, Guildford, Fleetwood, Newton, Whalley, and South Surrey.  We cover most of the lower mainland, so even if you live in Surrey but have rental properties elsewhere in the lower mainland, we can still be the number one go to repair plumber in your rolodex.   Although most of our customers end up being homeowners in “the City of Parks” - a nickname bestowed upon Surrey for the 200+ parks and greenspaces covering over 6000 acres of land within the city limits. Of course, surrey is home to many small businesses too and we are here for you as well! Over the years we have nurtured hundreds of successful business-to-business relationships. Any company that has a physical office space is going to require the regular functioning of toilets, sinks, and heating systems to keep their staff safe and comfortable. We can even do custom jobs, as we have for some Surrey business owners, such as plumbing in a custom shower staff into a staff bathroom or hooking up a dishwasher, garburator, or other upgrades you have planned to spruce up your workplace. We deal with brand new constructions or retro-fitted systems that can update the look of your space as well as save you money with energy-saving features.   When looking for cost-saving and time-saving Surrey plumbing solutions, Contact Us right away to get a rock-solid estimate on the work that needs to be completed. Thanks to excellent feedback from our customers, we have been able to curate a team of prompt and professional plumbers that can get the job done with minimal mess and disruption to your day-to-day life. Very few citizens of Surrey know that the city has a motto, which is “The Future Lives Here.” For the various plumbing services Surrey residents require, we aim to be the future solution for many residential and commercial customers looking for the best plumber Surrey has to offer. Don’t hesitate to call in to speak to our dispatch to see if your plumbing, heating, or cooling concerns are covered by our menu of services.

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