Plumbers Vancouver BC for Furnaces, Drains, Bathrooms, and More

Plumbers Vancouver BC are ready to help you with all your plumbing and heating problems. Plumbers are not just qualified to fix dripping taps or blocked sinks; they can help you install a brand new heating system to your new build home. Plumbing is a very general term for the services that are on offer from your plumbers in Vancouver. Below is a look at some of the services on offer from plumbing experts in your area, both general maintenance and repair work.

Plumbers Vancouver BC: Furnaces


No home is fit to live in during the winter months without a central heating system installed. An integral part of this system is your furnace, and the majority of furnaces are run by mains gas. Trying to heat your home with electric heaters will result in inefficient heating and astronomical electricity bills. This means that you should always be on top of the maintenance of your furnace. There are a few things you can do yourself to ensure that your furnace is working to its maximum potential. These include vacuuming the fans at least once a year, and removing debris from the pilot light.

Depending on where your furnace is situated, the fans could get dirty and dusty. If your furnace is near to an area where you cook, grease could also build up on the fans, preventing your furnace from working efficiently. You should order an annual furnace inspection from plumbers Vancouver BC well in time for winter. There is nothing worse than feeling the chill of the autumn air, and firing up your furnace only to find that it does not work. Although you may have a combination boiler that is used for both hot water and heating, many homes will have their furnace turned off during the summer when it is only used for heating.

Domestic plumbers in Vancouver BC can provide you with a service that will maintain your boiler, replacing any parts where necessary. If your furnace is old, it may be advisable to replace it with a new one that includes an automatic ignition system. You may think that replacing your furnace is an expensive option, but you will save money in the long run. Eco- systems for heating use far less fuel than traditional systems, and by replacing your old furnace you will easily make back the money you spent over the course of a winter.

When your furnace is faulty, you must call in plumbers Vancouver BC straight away. The first smell of gas should alert you to evacuate your home and await assistance from the emergency services as well as your gas supplier. Commercial plumbers in Vancouver BC can handle industrial furnace and boiler repairs, the heating system in your commercial premise being as important as the heating you have in your own home.

Plumbers Vancouver BC: Drains


Another common reason why you may need to call in plumbers to your home is when you are experiencing problems with your drains. As your waste water runs down underground, you may be blissfully aware of any problems you have in your drainage system. Plumbers Vancouver can unblock and unclog stubborn blockages in your drain, replace lines where necessary, and carry out a drain survey to ensure your drains are working efficiently.

Although your home will have vents so that the smell of sewerage does not come back up into your home, foul smelling drains can still occur. When you can smell sewerage, you almost certainly have a problem with your drains. A drain survey carried out by plumbers Vancouver BC will source the problem, and necessary work will be carried out quickly and efficiently to ensure your home is not without its essential water system for too long.

Modern drain surveys use cameras as opposed to rods, cameras causing minimal disruption to your home and often eliminating the necessity to dig trenches in your back yard. A camera that is used in a drain survey will be viewed from a remote point, and you will be able to watch as the waste water goes down your drain. Problems with your drain that are detected by such surveys include blockages, cracked and damaged pipes, and corroded sewer lines.

A drain survey will limit the amount of work that needs to be carried out on your drainage system. In the past, large trenches would be dug to find problems, or alternatively entire drainage systems would be unnecessarily replaced. Replacing your sewer lines is an expensive job, and it can often be avoided by ordering a drain survey from plumbers Vancouver BC. Emergency plumbing Vancouver BC experts can come to your rescue in just minutes of you making your first contact by phone. Whether your drains are smelly, or water is coming back up your toilet, you should not hesitate in calling in the experts. Plunging sinks at home or using products that you buy from a hardware store will rarely be effective in dealing with your problem in the long term.

Plumbers Vancouver BC for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Refitting or remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is a big job and one where you should call in plumbers Vancouver BC for help and assistance. Trying to refit your bathroom is not an easy job, and certainly not one you should try and tackle yourself. One foul move and you could flood your home. As well as the time it would take to refit your bathroom yourself, having expert help at hand will ensure the job is done to the highest quality the first time.

Plumbing Vancouver BC experts can help you with your bathroom remodeling project from start to finish. They can help you choose your bathroom design and find the best water system that will use the least water for your toilet, and the best water pressure for your shower. Modern toilets use around half the amount of water in each flush than traditional ones, and combination flushes for liquid and solid waste can help you save even more.

There are many reasons why you may be thinking of remodeling your bathroom. Your bathroom is a place where you should be able to relax. If you hate the old tiles on your bathroom wall, and the grime that has collected in between them, you will never really relax in your tub. Over time, your tub may have got scratched, or your taps may not turn on and off smoothly. You may only have a tub and want a shower. There are many dozens of reasons why you may decide to remodel your bathroom. But one thing always stays the same, and that is that you should call in expert plumbers Vancouver for the job.

Always ensure that you call in professional plumbers for any plumbing work that you will be carrying out in your home. Qualified plumbers will carry their certification with you, and they will be knowledgeable in both old and new plumbing systems. From small jobs such as leaking pipes, to large projects such as replacing your drain lines, professional plumbers in Vancouver BC are on hand. Using the services of professional plumbers will ensure work that is guaranteed, and workmanship that will last for many years or decades, allowing you to really relax and enjoy your home.

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