These Tips will Increase the Longevity of Your Water Heater in North Vancouver

Unknown to many people, the water heater is the most used appliance at home. You don’t see it on a daily basis, but you most certainly use it every day whenever you need hot water. Installing a new water heater North Vancouver is fairly expensive, and even though most of them have been designed to last for at least ten years, you can enhance their longevity and efficiency and also reduce the overall wear and tear they usually are exposed to. By observing the tips listed below, you may increase the chance of using your water heater for slightly longer-:

Flush the water heater tank manually

Flushing the water heater is the easiest form of maintenance and it is recommended by almost every manufacturer of water heater North Vancouver. Flushing simply means removing the buildup of solid sediments that accumulate at the bottom of the tank over time. When the sediments are not removed, they can harden up over time, thus making the heater to be less efficient since they too will consume a lot of energy when the heater is being used. Additionally, the sediments will increase the energy bills due to the increased heating requirements.
Most water heater North Vancouver manufacturers recommend flushing to be done once a year and the entire process is well outlined on the manufacturer’s manual. You can decide to do it by yourself, but if you don’t feel comfortable flushing the water heater, simply call your local plumbing expert to get the job done once every year.

Regular inspection and maintenance services

The next tip to increase the longevity and efficiency of your water heater North Vancouver is to ensure regular inspection and maintenance services. Again, it is recommended that you call your preferred hot water heater North Vancouver experts to inspect the unit and repair any damages should potential signs be seen. Some of the regular maintenance tips should include cleaning the tank, inspecting for and repairing leaks, overall tank system inspection, adjusting the thermostat for electric water heaters etc.

Proper temperature regulations

Temperature regulation is vital in ensuring that you will have enough hot water to meet the demands of your household. Depending on whether you are using a gas or electric water heater North Vancouver, you should refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the right temperature controls needed for optimal performance.
Inspect the tank anode
The anode rode is suspended inside the water heater tank to prevent it from corroding. In the absence of a good anode rode, the hot water can corrode the inside of the tank, thus affecting its longevity and efficiency. It is recommended for the rod to be inspected annually whenever the tank is emptied and if it worn out, it should be replaced with a new one.

Insulate the water tank

Insulating the water heater North Vancouver tank should be done once with the main aim of reducing heat loss from the tank. With proper insulation, the efficiency of the heater can be increased by 40%, thus making it consume less energy and last longer.

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