Local Heating Contractor Services – Richmond, Vancouver

Local Heating Contractor Services – Richmond, VancouverBryant has been in the heating and cooling business for more than 100 years and its products have earned a reputation for durability, reliability, cost effectiveness and are designed to provide you with worry-free comfort. Point Grey Plumbing & Heating combines its own reputation for great service with Bryant quality to meet Vancouver’s heating and cooling needs.

We apply the same service standards to heating system maintenance and repairs as we do to brand new installations. Maintenance is key to long term efficient heating systems. For example, many filters commonly used in heating systems today can’t keep dust and debris from streaming into the air and over time sizable accumulations can form — think dust bunnies, but bigger.

Cleaning air ducts may not only help with air quality, it can get rid of the stuff that mold and bacteria grow on (especially in wetter climates). Having less of this is in the air can be a big help to allergy sufferers.

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