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Garbage disposals are a convenient way of removing solid waste from landfills. However, if they malfunction, this important part of your every day cooking and cleaning becomes a big frustration. At Tap-Roots, we are experienced and trained to deliver solutions to your garbage disposal problems.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Through regular maintenance, potential repairs are avoided. Our team of technicians is available to give you great maintenance tips to keep your garbage disposal functioning properly for as long as possible.

How Do You Clean Your Garbage Disposal?

It’s no secret that buildup can happen within the garbage disposal. This can not only cause functionality problems but can also cause bad odors to fill your kitchen.

To clean and deodorize your disposal:

  • Pour a small amount of dish detergent down the disposal while it’s running.
  • For about 30 seconds, crush ice cubes and lemon rinds in the disposal.
  • Rinse and remove additional debris by running cold water.

Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting Tips


It may be that an electrical connection has been lost, or it’s simply time to replace your disposal. No matter what the issue is, our team of specialists can help.

If your garbage disposal is not operating as usual, try these steps first:

  1. Is your disposal still plugged in securely? If yes, proceed to step 2.
  2. Switch the power off and press the reset button. This is typically found on bottom or front of disposal.
  3. Power on the disposal and see if it is working properly.

If problems persist, contact Tap-Roots for high quality garbage disposal repair services at 604-222-1282.

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