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When your furnace stops working properly, you shouldn’t have to wait for an appointment during normal business hours. TapRoots Plumbing & Heating offers 24-hour emergency services for problems just like these. We don’t think you should be left in the cold in the middle of the night, so we’ve made sure we’re always available to help.

When you call us, our North Vancouver  HVAC technicians will be there right away to quickly find the cause and repair it. We can service any make or model of furnace, whether it be oil or gas. Plus, if your furnace needs to be replaced, we can help you find an affordable and energy efficient option. However, we will only do this if it is the best option for you—we’ll never sell you something you don’t need.

If you are in need of a furnace repair north Vancouver contractor, give us a call today at 604-222-1282 or contact us online.

North Vancouver Furnace Service

It isn’t always obvious when a furnace needs maintenance or repair. There are usually tale-tale signs to warn you, but most people are unlikely to recognize them, unless the signs become very apparent. Generally speaking, any unusual noise coming from your furnace that wasn’t there before is likely to be a sign that your furnace needs expert attention. The louder and more alarming the noise, the more serious the problem is likely to be.

A rocking, thumping or rattling noise that develops could be an indication of a cracked heat exchanger. This is potentially serious as dangerous toxins could be leaking out into your home. A scraping noise in your furnace could be a frayed or slipping blower belt. It could also indicate a set of ball bearings in desperate need of lubrication – or on their last legs and about to give out. If this happens, you should turn off the furnace immediately and call in the repair experts.

It isn’t just strange noises and sounds coming from your furnace that tell you your furnace needs expert attention. There are other, perhaps more alarming, signs. Are you, or other members of your family, suffering from sore throats, irritated or runny noses? Do any of you have unusually dry skin? This could be a sign that your furnace is not providing the clean air with comfortable humidity levels that it should. Better call in the experts and have your furnace checked out!

Other signs that might indicate your furnace may not be performing at its best are if you notice cold spots or areas in the house. The usual remedy is to turn up the thermostat, but that only hides the underlying problem and doesn’t actually solve it. It also raises your heating bill significantly. Cold areas in the house or in a room are a sign of a furnace not working to its full efficiency. This calls for an expert to come and check it out.

Older furnaces may not perform to the high standards they used to in their youth. You should regularly check the pressure gauge, and if it no longer can maintain the pressure level it should, your furnace is working efficiently, and it’s costing you an unnecessary expense. Does your furnace still have a pilot light? That means it’s probably around 25 years old; the average furnace only has an expected life span of around 20 years at best. Is the pilot light burning yellow? That means there’s an excess of carbon dioxide and the light screw needs to be adjusted to make it burn blue again. If that seems too technical or complicated, better call in the experts.

What you need to consider now is, who to call? Yellow Pages and similar directories list a dizzying array of plumbing and heating companies, all claiming to provide the fastest, most cost-effective and best service. No doubt most of them do, but when disaster strikes, you need to know instantly who to turn to with the least possible fuss.

TapRoots, Plumbing & Heating Ltd., is the ideal 24-hour emergency furnace repair company for both residential and commercial problems in North Vancouver. Whether you need furnace service, furnace maintenance, furnace repairs, or even just furnace cleaning, this furnace repair company is affordable, reliable, licensed and professional in everything they do. Call them, night or day, or contact us online.

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