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Frozen Water Pipe Repair in Burnaby, BC

Suffering from a pipe freeze? Call us right away.
When your pipes freeze and break, don’t waste any time – give us a call immediately. Our team is on call to help you with reliable frozen pipe repair in Burnaby, BC. We repair all kinds of pipes in your home – even your main sewer line, using a sewer pipe video scope.
Our Frozen Water Pipe Repair Service Will:

  • Get you back your running water quickly
  • Limit any further damage to your home
  • Ensure the overall safety of your home’s plumbing

Experienced Frozen Pipe and Replacement in Burnaby, BC
The Tap-Roots team brings you reliable service backed by over 20 years of experience in pipe freeze repair. No matter the size or extent of the damage, we will handle it with enthusiasm. We are known in the Burnaby area for successfully completing even the most complicated repairs.

Why Choose Tap-Roots?

  • We’re dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction
  • Our well-trained team brings superior knowledge and expertise to every job
  • We have been providing customized solutions for over 20 years

The Frozen Water Pipe Repair Experts
Should you find yourself with frozen pipes, call us right away for professional frozen water pipe repair. We are dedicated to your satisfaction every step of the way and provide fast and reliable service to keep your plumbing system running.

For more information on our frozen water pipe repair services or to make an appointment, contact Tap-Roots now at 604-222-1282.

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