Emergency Plumbers Vancouver: When Disaster Strikes

When you have water running where it shouldn’t be, you need to act quickly. Water can do damage to your property, both structurally as well as destroying your belongings. No home is safe when there is a water leak, and when water reaches your electrical circuits, you can expect a large repair bill. If you have a plumbing problem, you should call emergency plumbers Vancouver straight away.

Emergency Plumbers Vancouver for Plumbing and Drains

Emergency plumbers Vancouver

Emergency plumbers in Vancouver can act quickly to repair problems in your home or commercial premise before the damage gets out of control. Whether your problem is with your plumbing, drains, or sewers, your team of emergency plumbers BC can get to the bottom of the problem right away. Same-day plumbing services are included as standard when you call emergency plumbing Vancouver experts.

With years of experience in plumbing that you don’t have yourself, you should never try to tackle problems yourself. Instead of being without water for a few hours, tampering with your system yourself could leave you without fresh water and drains for days. Emergency plumbing experts will get to work right away, working to fix clogged drains, sewer pipes, broken pipes and lines, flooding, and more.

Always Act Quickly in an Emergency


Advice from your local emergency plumbers Vancouver is always to shut off your main water supply straight away. This will prevent further water pouring out, and damage to your home. Depending on where the problem has arisen, you may be able to shut off the water supply by the individual shut off valve. It is however advisable to shut down the supply of water to the entire house while you wait for your emergency plumber to arrive. As well as shutting off your water supply, turn off and unplug your water tank.

In the event that your water valve is in a communal area, attach a note to ensure that no one tampers with the valve and that it remains firmly shut off until expert help arrives. If your problem is with your drains, shut off machines that will make the problem worse. Stop your washing machine and dishwasher, mid-cycle if necessary, and avoid flushing the toilet or pouring water down the drain.



Emergency plumbers BC can deal with problems with your water supply both above and below ground. Emergency plumbers Vancouver can quickly clear blockages to sewer lines, water jetting being used to clear away debris that will have collected in the lines over the last months or years. Water jetting will remove stubborn backups of sludge, leaving your lines clear and your drains emptying quicker than ever before. Water jetting is successful at cutting through mud and sand, tree roots, grease, and scale and mineral deposits.

Emergency Plumbing in Vancouver: Broken Pipes


Your water lines may be made from copper, PEX, galvanized iron, or CPVC. Your emergency plumbers in BC can match and repair or replace broken or leaking sections of pipe work. Once order has been restored, a full inspection of your water system can be carried out to detect further leaks or problems.

Water Leak Detection


Sometimes it is not clear where you are losing water. You may find a puddle of water, or you may receive an unexpectedly high water bill. Emergency plumbers Vancouver can use leak detection techniques to locate the source of your leak, repairing or replacing the offending sections of your plumbing system. Hidden water leaks can be as dangerous if not more dangerous than burst pipes. Your local plumbing Vancouver experts recognize the potential damage water leaks can cause, and take the safety of you and your family very seriously.

Undetected water leaks cannot just cause you to receive shockingly high water bills. They can also eat away at the structure of your home and cause rot, damp, and mold. Wooden structures within your home will quickly weaken when they are wet, and these include not just wooden floors, but also wooden columns in the basement and structure of your home. When water leaks go undetected, the final bill for repair work can be astronomical, structurally unsound homes having to be vacated during the reparation process.

Your water supply is an essential part of your everyday life. You will not think about your plumbing on a frequent basis. In fact, you will often not think about your water pipes at all until disaster strikes. When the mains water supply is turned off for repairs, you will be pre-warned by the company carrying out essential work and you will prepare buckets of water and ensure your washing machine is not turned on. When disaster strikes however, you will not have time to think about such things. Leaking water can cause thousands of dollars of damage in just minutes. So always keep the phone number of your emergency plumbers Vancouver somewhere you can find it in a hurry.

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