Avoid Constant Boiler Breakdowns with These Tips

Boilers are costly to repair and even more expensive to replace, hence it makes perfect sense to have your boiler operating in top condition at all times. Through standard maintenance practices, you can save a lot of cash in the long run besides minimizing the number of phone calls you make to your boiler repair Vancouver expert. You also need to remember that a sound boiler comes with additional benefits such as good energy efficiency which will greatly reduce your utility bills. Use the tips below to avoid having constant problems with the boiler unit-:

Service the boiler yearly

It is recommended that the boiler be serviced once annually by a licensed boiler technician, even if the boiler seem to be working just fine. The experts will inspect all the components to ensure they are operating properly and also clean it up following a whole year of continuous usage. September is always when such inspection services are at their peak because winter is around the corner, but you can do it much earlier to avoid the rush and get the services at relatively cheaper rates.

Turn the heat on during periods of low use

The boiler may seize up if it is not used on a regular basis. It is the recommendation of the experts that during such times, you should turn on the heating for about 20 minutes so as to keep the boiler ticking and to maintain all the components in proper working conditions.

Keep a close eye on the pressure gauge

Boilers are bound to lose pressure after some time and if the pressure is not restored to the optimum levels, it may become wasteful and less efficient. It is thus essential to keep a keen eye on the pressure gauge and maintain it at the right levels. You should get additional information regarding the same in the manual or your call boiler repair Vancouver expert for further assistance.

Bleed the radiator

In some cases, you may realize the radiator is cold at the base than it is at the top. This happens when air is trapped within the framework and it is important to discharge the trapped air by “bleeding” the radiator. Failing to do so may lead to boiler inefficiency which will finally gobble up your cash in terms of increased utility bills. If you are not so sure about how to “bleed” the radiator properly, don’t hesitate to call boiler repair Vancouver professional for help.

Watch out for warning signs

The other tip to avoid making constant calls to boiler repair Vancouver professionals is to learn how to recognize if the boiler is just about to develop a serious problem. Check the boiler for breaks, thumping clamors and leaks as these may signify that a potential problem is just about to occur. Additionally, check the flame to ensure that it is solid clear blue at all times. If it turns yellow or smoky, then there may be a problem and you need to call boiler repair Vancouver experts immediately.

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