24 Hour Plumbers Vancouver for Emergency Repairs

24 hour plumbers Vancouver

Problems with your water system and plumbing should always be treated as an emergency. When water gets into places where it shouldn’t, the consequences can be drastic. If water gets into your electrical circuits, you will be faced with a huge repair bill. For this reason, you should always have the phone number of 24 hour plumbers Vancouver stored in your cell phone or next to your main water shut off valve. Below are some recommendations from 24 hour plumbers in Vancouver.

Never Ignore Dripping Water

As insignificant as a dripping tap or small water leak may seem, you should never ignore it. Placing a bucket under a water leak will not solve anything. Dripping water is costing you money, and every day that you ignore a water leak you will be adding dollars to your next water bill. A dripping tap or a toilet that is constantly running with water is not just annoying; they are costing you money. A dripping tap will never fix itself, and having to turn off your water valve next to your toilet is not the solution to your problem.

At the first signs of water where it shouldn’t be, you should call 24 hour plumbers Vancouver. Although the problem may not seem urgent to you, you never know what damage it is doing behind walls, under cabinets, or underground. Emergency plumbers Vancouver are just a phone call away, and will have someone to answer your call no matter what time of day it is.

24 Hour Plumbers Vancouver for Domestic and Commercial Properties


24 hour Plumbers in Vancouver have the knowledge and equipment to tackle all types of problems with plumbing. Whether your problem is in your own home, or at your commercial residence, you can rely on 24 hour plumbers Vancouver to come to your rescue. You should never vacate a commercial property when you have spotted a water leak or a fault with a water boiler. Turn off both the electricity, at the main breaker, and the water at the main shut off valve, and then wait for assistance to arrive.

Turning off the electricity is a safety measure that you should never ignore when you have a water leak. Although you may be concerned about cold storage units such as freezers defrosting, having to throw away some food is a small price to pay for your own safety. 24 hour plumbing repairs in Vancouver are fast and efficient, and once the problem has been located and repaired, you will be able to turn back on your electricity supply. This can take just minutes, depending on the source of the problem, and having to dispose of defrosted food at your commercial premise is not actually a likely chain of events.

24 Hour Plumbers Vancouver : Drainage Problems

Another common reason that people call a plumber to their property is for problems with drains. Not all problems that are fixed by plumbers are above ground. 24 hour plumbing services in Vancouver can include the unblocking of drains, drain surveys, replacement of sewer lines, water outlet pipes, and more.

Problems with drains can go undetected for a long period of time. Perhaps you have simply got used to the fact that your tub drains slower than it used to; or that on a hot day you can smell sewerage coming up your drain pipe. Problems with drains are the same as problems with your problems with your water system above ground. A blocked or clogged drain will not fix itself, and products bought from a hardware store will very rarely fix the problem at hand in the long term.

24 hour plumbing repairs Vancouver include unblocking of drains, as well as drain surveys. In the event that your drains are failing to empty properly, once again you should shut off the main water valve. Flushing a blocked toilet too many times can result in raw sewerage backing up and landing on your bathroom carpet. Never tamper with your toilet, or force rods or pipes down the toilet bowl in the hope you will fix the problem yourself. Call in your 24 hour plumbers Vancouver who will be quick to assist you with your emergency.

Plumbing problems can escalate from a small drip, to a large flood in just minutes. At the first sign of problems with your plumbing, you should always turn off your water supply and call the experts. With the most up to date equipment and extensive knowledge in both domestic and commercial plumbing, Vancouver plumbing experts will make light work of your plumbing or drainage problem, restoring order to your property in just hours of you making contact. You can assess for yourself whether you think your plumbing problem is an emergency or not. But it is always better to be safe than sorry. No job is too small for expert plumbers, and ignoring a water leak is not just wasting you money but also putting the safety of you and your family at risk.

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