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Tap Roots is your ultimate destination when you need quality, affordable and reliable plumbing services in Vancouver. As a homeowner, it is your desire to have all the systems in your home working in good shape at all times. Ugly sites of broken sewer lines, leaking pipes or damaged drainage won’t just cause a lot of discomfort in and around the home, but also they are a potential health risk since they can attract a myriad of disease causing vectors to your home. This is why it is imperative to rely on professional residential plumbers Vancouver for guaranteed quality services.
Our goal as one of the premier residential plumbers Vancouver is to avail to you the best plumbing services possible so that you can enjoy the use of your utilities without any problems. Our team is privileged to have top plumbers in the Greater Vancouver region and this is a subtle indication on the quality of the plumbing services you can expect from us. With the versatility we possess, we have the pleasure of offering different residential plumbing services, including but not limited to the following-:

Drain repairs

Should you realize that you have clogged drains in your homes, you need to call residential plumbers Vancouver immediately. Consulting the right experts whenever dealing with drain blockage issues is important, since the source of such blockages is usually far away from where the actual blockage took place. With the right tools and skills, residential plumbers Vancouver will clear the blockage and leave your drains flowing freely.

Pipe repair services

With the pipe repair services you get from residential plumbers Vancouver, you can now solve all your re-piping and repair needs. From indoor pipes to exterior water pipes affected by tree root growth, we will help you with the perfect solutions to ensure that your plumbing system is working perfectly.

Sewer lines and repair

When you have a clogged or a broken sewer line, then you can expect some real mess around the home. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case when you can call residential plumbers Vancouver to fix them for you. Our licensed plumbers have the necessary skills, tools and technology needed to inspect the lines and pinpoint the exact location of the problem, then offer a lasting solution to it. Therefore, don’t tolerate the inconveniences brought about by broken sewer lines when residential plumbers Vancouver are just a phone call away.

Bathroom and kitchen fixtures

Are you remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and you need it fixed with trendy, functional and affordable fixtures? The right people to call are residential plumbers Vancouver. Our experts will ensure that the fixture are hooked up correctly the first time and ready for your enjoyment.

Emergency plumbing services

A flooded basement, a leaky pipe or a broken water heater always present a stressful situation for homeowners in Metro Vancouver when they do occur after the normal working hours. But we are glad to let you know that we will be there when you will need us to take care of your plumbing emergencies. Being amongst the top residential plumbers in Vancouver, clients expect us to be there when they need us the most and will never disappoint.

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